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  • Full working demo's are explained:

    • what modules are used
    • how to configure them
    • what code snippets are used (if applicable)

Automatically convert an online price list in multiple currencies

Automatically convert your pricelist to multiple currenciesUPDATE: We now released a Drupal 7 module that provides this functionality at Enjoy!

In tourism  normally multiple currencies are accepted (hotels, restaurants, diving centers). Many times an online pricelist with a different version for each currency is desired. Untill recently the office staff had to review  price lists weekly and update them based on the current exchange rates.

We wanted to avoid this tedious and error prone job for our customers and developed a self converting online pricelist in Euro, US dollar, Pound Sterling and the local currency (in our case the Egyptian Pound).

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Database Drupal API examples

The Drupal 7 Database API provides a standard, vendor-agnostic abstraction layer for accessing database servers. The API is designed to preserve the syntax and power of SQL as much as possible, but also to:

  • support multiple database servers easily;
  • allow developers to leverage more complex functionality, such as transactions;
  • provide a structured interface for the dynamic construction of queries;
  • enforce security checks and other good practices;
  • provide modules with a clean interface for intercepting and modifying a site's queries.

Here are examples of some Drupal database API functions.

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Diving Bikers. Using third party services

DivingBikers.netThe Diving Bikers website is an example of extensive use of third party services.

But can't we provide an upload for the photos ourself or run a video player on our own server? Yes, we can and we did in the past, but let's sum up some of the advantages of using third party services:   Read more about Diving Bikers. Using third party services

Flickr-Colorbox integration in Drupal 7 & auto float images in text body alternately right and left.

DEMO PAGE of both the AutoFloat and Flickr module. 
They work seamless together out-of-the-box. A huge time-saver. 

(ATTENTION: Use dev versions!).

* Drupal 7
* Colorbox 7.x-1.3 (later versions should work as well)
* AutoFloat 7.x-1.x-dev
* Flickr 7.x-1.x-dev
* External Links 7.x-1.12  (optional, to open links to Flickr in a new tab)
No customizations, modifications, alterations, additions, whatsoever.
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Run new projects on Drupal 7½.

Target audience: Site builders.

Starting a new website project now (at time of writing) might make you hesitate whether to use Drupal 7 or 8. With Drupal 7½ we refer to D7 installs that anticipate transition to D8 at some point 'pretty soon' after a stable release is there with a reasonable amount of mainstream contrib modules ported. This seems like a good compromise and makes sense for projects that you start now but need some functionality that is not yet available in the D8-alpha release and the contrib D8 modules. Use D7 in a way it opens the door for D8 transition.

Our approach? Read more about Run new projects on Drupal 7½.

Sea Queen Fleet

Go to websiteAlways judge webdevelopers on their latest work. Internet technology is evolving fast and so is the knowledge of good designers. They are in a constant process of learning. Read about the background of one of our latest built websites here.

The client

Sea Queen Fleet is a well established owner and organizer of liveaboards all over the Egyptian Red Sea with a developed network of agents worldwide. They already had a website that was nice but needed to be updated. The client commissioned the new site initially to another developer but wasn't happy. The site wasn't much of an improvement compared with the old site. We knew in advance the change had to be more radical.  Being scuba divers ourself we also wanted easy accessible info about the Red Sea dive sites in the new site.
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Use different colors for your local development sites

Use color names for your projectsTarget audience: Site builders, developers.

For local development on my computer I use domains with color names like '', '' and Why?

  • We seem to remember colors better than numbers or words.
  • Different colored sites and favicons visually distinguishes them when working on multiple projects contemporarily (see images).
  • Not being associated with a client, functionality or Drupal version, a color can be reused for any project.
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Using as a project demo

Evaluate Drupal projects online

Target audience: Drupal project maintainers.

On Drupal project pages you might find a 'Try a demonstration' link to evaluate it. A good project demo is one where you can fiddle with the settings. You need admin access in a temporary sandbox. Drupal projects can be evaluated using It is ideal to use as the 'Demo site' of any project (module, theme or distro).

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